Mother Credits Marijuana For Transforming Son With Severe Autism

A bill is now sitting on the desk of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper which, if signed, would legalize the use of medical marijuana by those with autism.


  1. As a 19 Year old male with Aspergers Syndrome (Level 2 on the Spectrum) I also do struggle from legal issues (I’m in Australia) the government and many pharmacists/ doctors have handed me shitty prescribed pills and other medications and not one has ever helped with my Autism at all, Marijuana is a great substitute and over all SHOULD BE LEGAL. When having T oil I’ve noticed that my hearing and sight is dimmed and I can finally relax without everything being so loud and bright, I can clearly function and focus, communicate with people better and over all have a more enjoyable day when I have a joint or a pop of a T tablet having about 30-50% of THC. THIS SHOULD BE LEGAL E V E R Y W H E R E for medical use FULLSTOP.

  2. There will never be any 'scientific evidence' as long as research is left in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. No profit.

    I'm curious, perhaps it's too long ago, but having listened to Andrew Wakefield, do you recall a significant change in your lovely son after an inoculation? Several mothers have testified that this has happened.

  3. The reason there is no scientific evidence is because Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug and schedule 1 drugs cannot be studied ..its ridicules and the federal laws need to be changed so more children like him can live a higher quality life (no pun intended) God bless this family.

  4. Weed has alot of medical benefits which is great for autism and so my other conditions involving neuropathic pain, nerve pain and the list goes on and on!!! Colorado has common sence but here in the uk the government dont see the benefits and hopefully eventually legalize cannabis

  5. Fuck all those critics who don't fully understand what it's like to have an autistic child! Herb is life BIG CORP is just that! Give your child life

  6. I'm a highly functioning autistic and marijuana has given me happiness I haven't felt in years. My lingering daily depression goes away, my anxiety is gone, I feel more relaxed and feel more comfortable talking to people. Sadly it is not legal in my country and the only guy I knew who sold it moved away… This might sound lame but the feeling of the old me coming back is so horrible, I wished I weren't alive.

  7. also gf cf so expensive …….people ignorants stare with their kids like we re not parents enough we re worriors
    if u have to spend one night like us ull leave ur kid for good …besides lets be kind to each other stop the hate the bullying
    cause anything can happen to u and ur kids its life baby

  8. stop the crap ….what do u mean its harmful…..its the solution u don't know we the parents of autistic angels have to go through …I think in a great country like f America …they should be more done for us and our autistic kids…what a shame …

  9. fuck u assholes having f typical kids u don't know what it takes to have an angel w autism leave these parents alone ….pay attention to ur typical teens using drugs this kid needs it for cure not to get high

  10. People are SO Fricking stupid. So WHAT the medicine gets you high, people didn't have a problem getting high when doctors were prescribing deadly Oxycontin left and right.
    Only difference Cannabis / Marijuana actually works. Win Win.

  11. The government can kiss my ass
    Us parents know what helps our children and we know cannibas has been a life changer !! Our children wouldn’t have autism if it wasn’t for the government

  12. Dicks like rick simpson said after curing his cancer and their many others, so what a Lil buzz better than the pharmacuticals companies have you seen those zombie children this works he's happy and alive so I say amen. Good Story it's time we stopped being fooled.

  13. Epidiolex is an FDA approved form of CBD cannabis. Strains that are high in THC would be contraindicated for children with autism and epilepsy, thus Epidiolex would appear to be a safer alternative. However, the FDA has only approved Epidiolex for Lennox-Gestaut and Dravet's type of seizures which denies many children with autism the benefit of this therapeutic medication. To me, as a mom of a severely autistic child with self injurious behavior and epilepsy, it seems cruel that this drug isn't yet approved for autism and aberrant behaviors. Research shows that many conventional AEDs (anti epileptic drugs) and antipsychotics are largely ineffective for children and adults with autism, therefore, it would appear expanding Epidiolex to treat people with autism would be a safe and sane alternative. Too many parents of children with autism have to rely on dispensaries that carry strains not approved by the FDA. As a mom, I want whatever medication I give my son to be FDA approved and studies, I don't want to rely on unreliable strains you have to find at a dispensary. These strains aren't tested the same way FDA approved cannabis is tested. We should'nt have to rely on these dispensaries, which charge excessive fees and can't tell us where or when these strains of cannabis have been tested. Please, please, there are so many of us that need life saving cannabis medication that can help our children with autism and epilepsy. We don't want to have to make cannabis ourselves. We should be able to go to our childrens doctors and have an FDA approved cannabis medication available. Too many conventional medications have caused great harm to the autism community. Enough already! Give us access to safer and more effective cannabis medication to help our children. Imagine being a mom and having a myraid of doctors only offer more useless conventional medications, more drugs that don't work, more useless help, it's INSANE and frustrating! So many years of failed meds. So little relief. So little hope. What is the problem here? Enough already! Make it legal and available through insurance so we know what we are giving our children is FDA approved and the medication has been studied and could offer REAL hope.

  14. Perhaps these scientists should live with a family dealing with the devastating effects of an autism on a child for a month then watch the miracle of cannabis before they flip it off. Let’s start saving lives. Compassion now!! 🌿🇨🇦

  15. I am waiting for Charlottes Web cbd oil to come in the mail so I can treat my sons autism, if it doesn't work I will try full strength tincture cannabis, it is legal for cbd right now, and legislature is working on a bill for cannabis oil to be legalised as well, it is great that people world wide understand that it an effective medicine for autism and other debilitating illnesses.

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