1. Feeling great and energetic all day can make quite the difference. If you haven't been successful trying to kick your habit, it's probably because you fall into cravings or suffer withdrawal. You can try Nemery Thentel's website for a program that tackles both issues with a unique twist when it comes to detox.

  2. I’m confused because chitrali (Himalayan ) kush is said to be the native region origin of cannabis. I wonder if he is just generalizing American kush like OG Kush which is not natural. If he is saying that Himalayan kush is hybrid, then did he find something out that we don’t know ??like cannabis is actually native to Africa where its expression is very racy and energetic sativa. Where indica puts you to sleep and makes you super lazy?? Also is he saying plant clones are bad?? I could dig that.

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