How To Make Marijuana Chocolate With Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter: Infused Eats #35

Learn how to make delicious gourmet Marijuana Chocolate using Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter today on Infused Eats. Save 10% on everything in the …


  1. Thank you this method works the best. I use half ounce of weed we grew. Omg it is amazing. The chocolate video is the bomb my friends rave about the chocolates I made using you recipe. Keep the videos coming. Thanks again Matt.

  2. Great video. Wish we could do that here. It's still illegal here so trying to get a good amount with a decent price is hard. But doesn't stop me from learning incase it does become legal here I'll know how to make some munchies. Lol

  3. you wack ass people crying about it being to much weed and to cut it in half. he paved the road on how to make it ovies you could cut it in half quarters or whatever you're broke ass could afford it's not rocket science

  4. i wish you could have shown your tempering process or a shot of yourself snapping one of the bars in half. i infuse my cocoa butter with distillate usually and have also tried this method with raw flower, but i can never make any of my infused chocolate to the same proper consistency as my regular non-medicated chocolate. i'm almost convinced that infused cocoa butter can't maintain the correct crystal structure to temper properly. is there a specific temperature range you use while working with the infused chocolate?

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