Former Veterans Affairs Head: VA Should Research Medical Marijuana | NBC News Now

Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin talks about his time serving in the Trump administration and the biggest challenges the VA faces. » Subscribe …


  1. So tens of thousands of veterans returned from Vietnam and the VA didn't study weed huh?

    You lying phuckers!!!
    The reason its illegal is b/c you phuckers know exactly how it works! You should be GITMO'D!!!

  2. I really don't need the VAs help getting weed. It does help me relax some.
    We need help getting service connected for Tinnitus ( since 1968). It will definitely drive ya nuts to have your ear or ears ringing ALL THE TIME !
    The medical care is ok, but the administrative side is a nightmare !

  3. Because no one has researched it before.  Medical Cannabis, The Herb and Its Applications This talk will be presented by Judy Mikovitz PhD
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  4. While I agree medical marijuana is better than the pills the VA pushes, the VA is extremely corrupt and the perfect example of why this country does not need government healthcare.

  5. My husband went for years controlling his seizures with marijuana. After being arrested for possession his seizures returned and with each seizure he lost more of his memory. Before he died it reached a point that he could not even remember things like our first camping trip together.

  6. When it's legal in all 50 states, yes. Family friends moved out of state to get oil for their kid who had seizures. They legalized oil here for her condition, but they settled down where they moved, their kid is doing well in school (plus my state only legalized it until age 18 for her condition, then she would be cut off, what's up with THAT?), so they're gone. Then my sister left to try it for her depression/anxiety, so goodbye to my nephew too. An aunt and uncle are leaving due to arthritis. My state's legislative jerks are currently Republican, so it's not gonna happen any time soon unless the fed/gov changes things. My state lowered penalties for possession, but that doesn't make it legal. I miss people!!

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