Homegrown Episode 4 – How to Increase Your Cannabis Plant’s Yield

During the flowering stage of the cannabis growth cycle, the plant’s nutrient needs change. In this episode, learn how to increase your cannabis plant’s yield with …


  1. Since you foliar sprayed with pesticides now wont your plants have whatever you sprayed on them in the leaves stalks and roots and also the budshave the pesticide still in them?

  2. Ive abandoned plants nicer than this, as they were just not worth my time and resources. 1st time grower im guessing. We all need to start somewhere. just maybe not make a video trying to teach people how not to grow lol

  3. But those would’ve grown bud, just harvest the tips first. Those would still develop into some good stuff. Especially since that plant already had so much air space in between

  4. indoors you mimic out doors well try to in every way , I have grown a few times going from vegetating stage to flowering is gradual from 18 hours of light to 15 for 2 weeks , from 15 to 12 like the outdoors light just does not just go bam to 12 hours of light .

    given all the right conditions , right organic food to feed to soil the plants will not be stretched o far and struggling like the plant in this video .

    my advice if you are going to share information to the world about growing , share the most important parts about the plant for cultivation indoors and outdoors

    not the basics for tomatoes.

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