Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Maggie John and Cheryl Weber talk about legalization of marijuana in Canada which goes into effect today October 17th, 2018..


  1. Legalized 420 creates thousands of good paying jobs + businesses, decrease organized crime revenue and increases government tax revenue. Superman Trudeau with his super power of common sense can only save one country at a time – a lot of Americans would trade in Trump for Trudeau any day of the week – hands down!

  2. Driving under the influence? Huh? It’s not alcohol. You guys need to do more research before you start talking. All I see is the same stigma behind it.

  3. Psychological effects of this drug are very damaging especially towards those who are vulnerable like young teenagers and those with mental health issues. That is why I am against this plus also marijuana edibles are also very dangerous.

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