1. Your channel name is garden up but you don't have a garden, you should buy a farm house or row house and make your own garden in soil, this pot gardening is not that good

  2. I propagated moneyplant from stem it grew as suggested by your video and then I planted it in a pot in a well lighted room but its been more than 2 weeks it's not growing big ,there is no sign of other leaves ,please suggest your ideas @garden up

  3. Hi…i really liked ur videos….am having a doubt…i hve sme indoor plants….and in the soil there are some white crystals are forming up….why is it so???
    I bought the plant along with the pot…so i didnt mix the soil….i found so many white crystals….

  4. Hi @gardenup.. I bought one hanging pothos but it's new shoot tip just broke up. Will the stem not grow. What should I do. Should I just trim the stem and propagate it. Please let me know. M really worried about this beauty

  5. Hey Ekta! Amazing video and your tips are really helpful..
    Could you please tell the reason what eats the pothos leaves from sides and do I need to cut them?
    Thank you for such a wonderful video 😘😘

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