Selecting The Best Male Plants, Cannabis Breeding Tips By Khalifa Genetics

Discover some of the cannabis breeders’ secrets on which traits you should look for in a male cannabis plant. Knowing which male plants are the best for …


  1. Great video!!! Hey in a message you sent me through strainly you told me about preserving pollen and seeds for later use. Do you think you could do a vid on that please. That way when we want to preserve seeds for a later date how the best way to do it economically which you told me that one already with seeds would it work for pollen too? And what is the best way to dry pollen? Would I have to
    rehydrate it? And could it last ten years like a seed properly stored

  2. hi .. i love your video …. im creating my onw strains your video helps me thanx ….. and i got a question for you,,,,, my male got tight nod but there 3 bud site at all the nod ,,3 leaf and not 2 so im gona take that 1… just whant to know if you already see that,, a 3 bud site nod plant ??

  3. I leaned the best way t fond a good male is test the males on female cutting you have grown out multiple times. Then u will get a good idea about what traits are passed from your male

  4. Great video! Just found this channel today. I've been using many of the same methods for years. Reversing male plants has always intrigued me. Where do you get this spray and is it already at proper concentrations? Really great tip on hollow stalks. For years one of my varieties would have moderate to killer potency. Using Hollow stalk males one year resulted in nearly all my female plants being killer the next yr.

  5. Question; can we keep male plants (like a father plant) in vegetation stage, without flowering (completing pollenization period) under the light (24/0 maybe?). If the answer is NO, if we take clones from male plants (after see sex), can we slow down polen sack growing? Thank you for great share bro.

  6. Thank you man! Alot of info I didn't know! I'm germinating a few different strains to start crossing and I will def use the tips you've given! Also I can appreciate the things you're all doing to preserve all the different landrace strains!

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