Cannabis Growing Basics- Sprouting Seeds

This documentary Depicts the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of …


  1. Happy to see you still around always gonna be your subscriber and since the beginning. Your voice sounds totally solid now. Wow you know your stuff. Take care and God bless you man.

  2. Just started my first grow. 4 seeds all popped and are in soil. I have a "1200" watt led set on veg for 18 hours on 6 hours off. How long approximately should this stage last? 5 weeks?

  3. hi man, how you doing?
    please, can you explain (or somebody in the comments) better the second method? the part you said that you know if the seed is female or male, i dont understand english very well…

  4. Running a 4×4 tent seen ur video on the spider 4000 I was wondering cuz I'm picking up a new light and I was think about getting the solar extreme 500 but then seen ur video which on will be better for my 4×4? What's ur opinion

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