Growing Cannabis Organically & the Soil Food Web – Jeff Lowenfels

Download the presentation here: Jeff Lowenfels dives into the soil food web to give you some background on the …


  1. I think you guys are all about 10 years behind no-till Farmers Urban gardeners and just plain vegetable farmers every time I talk to a cannabis grower it's like I'm teaching them instead of talking with them because most cannabis Farmers I know have never grown anyting but cannabis and they really know nothing about soil fertility or plant biology

  2. So. Everyone. Post up on Craigslist and ask for peoples used indoor pro mix or coco. Literally one of the cheapest ways to build an outdoor garden bed. Double or triple dig that stuff in, and water in compost teas every weak. You can turn glacial clay to humus in 3 years.

  3. Quick suggestion: Next time you have a renowned speaker, please focus on their slideshow presentation, and use PIP to highlight the speaker while talking about important aspects of their presentation. Otherwise, exceptional content. Thank you.

  4. This guy just blew my mind. The wealth of info this guy has is nuts. He gets right down to the nitty gritty with soil and plants. His passion is probably why he has the vibe of a 30yr old. The knowledge here is priceless. So glad I stumbled on it by accident. TY

  5. This guy should stay off polictics…. marijuana, RACIST…. Trump…. bla bla bla. Stick to the plants. In the intro the guy specifically mentionned that he wanted to unify a community. Politics isn't the right tool.

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