How to manipulate your 2020 marijuana garden with green tape/fimming/topping/lst to increase yield

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  1. You put a lot of work into ur garden, and it shows, they look great,. I put wire cages around mine for branch support and keep the dog from digging them up and top them and pull a few branches thru but mostly just keep them watered and fertilized, it gets so friking hot here in central CA but the plants luv it. We got the perfect weather and also the perfect conditions for pests from hell, like spider mites, white flies and caterpillars. Neem oil just pisses them off and I have to use stronger chemical insecticides or have stunted and ravaged plants.. Very few issues with mold cuz of the dry climate. I also grow directly in the ground with mulch mixed in. I grow in bags on the concrete patio and in my indoor winter garden. Gona be making another vid soon,, Backyard cannabis grow with Rando. Luv ya man.

  2. They are bushing so well cant wait for the next week 😘 love your vids, much RESPECT! 💚✌🏻💚

    Went back to May, wow your doing awesome!

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