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  1. But every earthen pot we buy needs to be seasoned with rice water to ensure thr clay pots are fermented and sap out the lead. Post that you grease it with ghee. Then cook onion and add rice water till top n boil. Plus let's say after all this there is still lead. But don't you think after couple of cook the lead will leach out and over. It not like a pot is a fountain of non stop lead. Let me remind our ancestors used clay pot for ages and lived longer then this current generation. The scyn of clay pots Is already in human genes.

  2. मतलब आपके कहने से पानी भी ना पिए,,क्युकी वो भी तो मिट्टी से आता है ना कि आसमान से सीधे मुंह में

  3. शास्त्र कहता है… झुटे, कपटी, बिकाऊ और गद्दारों से सदा दूर रहो। देश को बर्बाद इन लोगो ने ही किया है।
    सावधान रहो इससे।🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👍👍👍

  4. Medical science 100 saal pehle aaya hai. Purane zamaane me mitti ke bartan hi hote the. 100 – 100 saal se b jyade jeete the… Friends use kulhad and matka only. Swadeshi apnao.

  5. Mitti k bartan me glazing hoti hai. Glazing hoti hai glass se. Glasski ek moti layer hoti hai clay aur khane k beech. So kaanch ko chadha ke usko 1500*c pe glazing hoti h. So safe h.

  6. baat ki ek baat ghanta dr.ho app…steel me pakane se 30percent hi nutriation reh jata hai clay pot me 100 percent nutriation hote hai. yeh lab me kiya hua experiment hai….aur bimarina metal se lagti hai…ghanta knowledge hai …tere pas..nonstick cookware toxic hai. pata hai laboratory me check karna.

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