18+ SEASONS OF OUTDOOR CANNABIS #25: ANOTHER PURPLE KUSH HARVEST. Top Shelf Grower welcomes you to the rooftop cannabis garden at the …


  1. Probably one of the best grow spots one could have… looks like they are getting sunshine all day… I wonder if one could get close results with only 8 hours direct sunlight

  2. Your lucky mate looks like you live in middle of nowhere 😅😅 in my area there's fuking flats n houses everywhere so it's hard to find s good spot lol

  3. Мне нужны инвестиции на развитие. Как собственное так и косвенно-собственное: создание собственных экономико-образующих объектов. В частности: Фермы выращивания Энтеогенов.

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  4. Imagine the look up there you’d have a garden with 18 gallon totes, unless you can’t have anything growing above the railing.. all kinds of room jus keep em closer to the middle to begin with and train them out instead of UP.. just an idea dude. Love the purple strains tho brotha I’m running sum gorilla zkittlez, 8ball kush and blue cheese harvest in about a month from now I’m @DAY 35, my top colas r about the same size as yours in this video but it’s indo under two 600w HPS that’s the only reason..I’m from Canada so we don’t put anything out til the first of June here, and we need mold resistant workhorse strains for doing huge guerilla setups that finish by mid n late September like hashplant, R2, freezeland etc. But I’ve done lots of purp kush that looked identical to yours not the biggest buds man no worries purple strains don’t grow monsterous bud size the quality is top of the heap tho

  5. Hi, my name is Rafael. I am from Georgia. Tbilisi. One of the many subscribers of your YouTube channel. I am very inspired by your work. I have a problem in my home country I really want to get an auto black opium seed in our stores there is no way to get it. Regards Rafael

  6. out of the N.P.K nutrients which one of them gives you strong stems!? bcuz all my colas were falling over and i had to support it

    note: 1st time growing and it was deficient for half the vegg

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