Spring Lawn Stuff + How to Get Rid Of Quackgrass

In today’s video, I update you on some future renovation ideas for my landscape, Apply Milo at full rate, and More RGS to stimulate root growth. In addition, I give …


  1. Spotting a lot of quackgrass in the lawn this year Jake, did you mow everyday? How low did you take the turf? How long did it take to eradicate the quackgrass? Thanks bro, hope to see you again at Lawncology

  2. Jake you should give us an update on the quackgrass. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to get rid of it unless you kill your whole lawn. Luckily it’s only noticeable this time of year.

  3. 2 -4D won't harm anything? Yeah, OK. Just don't let it run into rivers or lakes, because it kills the fish.
    It's REALLY nasty stuff. Use gloves and a mask, and don't overdo it.

  4. How about plucking quack grass? That's what I've been doing. I used a selective herbicide and it does great killing other weeds, but not the quack grass. So I am now plucking them one by one. I have pulled about 130 and there's still a lot to go.

  5. New house looks to have 50% quack grass in the front lawn that is 4500 sq ft. I'm guessing the best method is kill the entire lawn and reseed? Any other options?

  6. Hi Jake, so our lawn was not taken care of by the previous owners and we just moved in. The diagnosis is Quackgrass and Lawn Tech recommended we start over by removing the lawn!!!!! Is this necessary? They suggested sodding the entire yard because they can’t get rid of the quack. Thoughts?

  7. Mow lower for quack grass control? This stuff is the bane of my existence right now I need to kill it. I have a bottle of glyphosate calling my name…tempted to just go nuclear on it.

  8. Great video! Can you let me know how you are doing so far eliminating quack grass with cultural practices? I have tall fescues mixed up on my bluegrass lawn and I wonder if I can do the same to weed them out. Thanks.

  9. This was great. Quackgrass… who knew that's what I've been dealing with! Just subscribed to your channel this week here in 2019. I figured I'd check out what you were doing about 11 – 12 months ago. I started watching LCN last spring, late spring, to try and start treating my lawn better because I was going to the school of giving it just fert 2 times a year and letting it grow longer. And yup… lots of Quackgrass. While fertilizing is great, and I used Miloganite for the first time as well… I'm most interested now in keeping my turf free of these unwanted things. Thanks!!

  10. Hey Jake, just saw your new video on BP and $spot. I was wondering how you feel your increased n apps + lower cutting is doing in reducing population? I found out the hard way how fast QG can spread after moving into a new house and aerating an unestablished back lawn heavily last fall before seeding here in Minnesota. Very thick perennial rye with some KBG is what I have back there now but the QG has spread everywhere in just a few months. Was just wondering how you felt your progress was coming. I’m considering spraying RU on the whole works and starting fresh again, but things are looking great and healthy as can be but that darn QG is killing me. Thanks for the help Jake

  11. Here’s an idea. Put a Dwarf Korean lilac tree on the corner. Put two dwarf mugo pines or box woods on either side of the window. Put three autumn joy sedum or happy returns day lily in the middle. You can put a mix of hostas and other shade lovers in there if you’re facing north or get less than 6 hours of sun in that location. The forsythia are awesome but may be too large for the space unless you want to trim them when they reach the too large stage. When buying plants know how large they’ll get when mature and decide if they’ll ultimately fit in your location. Whoever planted the tree you took down didn’t have that knowledge and the result was well, you had to remove it to prevent issues. Good luck!

  12. Love your lawn it looks great and love your vids to. Last year you inspired me to start my own Business and I have been doing pretty good so keep up the great work oh and also can we maybe get a garage tour

  13. You should really do a Lawn Care ASMR. Filling up the gas, mowing the lawn, clipping the hedges, etc. I think you would get a lot of views and people would really enjoy it 🙂

  14. Hey, this is kind of a stupid question, but would a lawn look good off you mowed it both ways? ( up and down then left to right) thanks

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